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Ready for Testing Announcements

Per our community testing policy, we must send weekly digests of packages that are ready for testing.

Create the Announcement

Step 1: Identify the packages that are "Ready for Testing"

Run 0-generate-pkg-list from a machine that has your koji-registered user certificate:

git clone
cd release-tools
0-generate-pkg-list $VERSIONS


In the future, will we have a command the produces the package list sorted according to release series and importance.

Step 2: Populate the Announcement Template

Find the software components that the packages in the list correspond to. For example, htcondor-ce-4.4.0-1.osg35.el7 should be listed as "HTCondor-CE 4.4.0". Place software components into the appropriate section depending on release series and importance of the software. The major software components are listed in the community testing policy. Omit any software that does not need to tested by the community such osg-version and internal tools.

Step 3: Send the "Ready for Testing" Announcement

The announcement goes to:

Use the osg-notify tool on to send the release announcement using the following command:

$ osg-notify --cert your-cert.pem --key your-key.pem \
    --no-sign --type production --message <PATH TO MESSAGE FILE> \
    --subject 'OSG Packages Available for Testing' \
    --recipients "[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]" \
    --oim-recipients resources --oim-recipients vos --oim-contact-type administrative

Announcement Template

The following email template is filled out to announce that packages are ready for testing. Text between <ANGLE BRACKETS> should be replaced and sections without packages to be tested should be omitted. Omit release numbers unless they are relevant (e.g. for a packaging-only change). Each major component should have a line about what's new.

Several packages are available for testing for tentative release next week.

OSG 3.5 Only:
-   Major Components*
    -   <Major Component Name and Version (NV)> - <DESCRIPTION>
    -   <Major Component NV> - <DESCRIPTION>
-   Minor Components
    -   <Minor Component NV>
    -   <Minor Component NV>

Both OSG 3.5 and 3.4:
-   Major Components*
    -   <Major Component NV> - <DESCRIPTION>
    -   <Major Component NV> - <DESCRIPTION>
-   Minor Components
    -   <Minor Component NV>
    -   <Minor Component NV>

OSG 3.4 Only:
-   Major Components*
    -   <Major Component NV> - <DESCRIPTION>
    -   <Major Component NV> - <DESCRIPTION>
-   Minor Components
    -   <Minor Component NV>
    -   <Minor Component NV>

To install any of these packages, run the following command:

    # yum install --enablerepo=osg-testing <PACKAGE NAME>

Please test this software and send positive or negative feedback to
[email protected].  Be sure to include details describing your
testing platform, e.g. OSG 3.4 vs 3.5, EL6 vs EL7! If you any questions, you can
always contact us at [email protected].

JIRA Ticket Summary:

The OSG Software & Release Team

* As described by our Community Software Testing Policy,
major components of the OSG Software Stack need positive feedback and
the approval of the release manager before they can be released.