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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 14 February 2023


Triage Duty

  • This week: Carl
  • Next week: Mat
  • 7 (-1) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
218 +8 Open
40 +2 Selected for Dev
26 -6 In Progress
17 -1 Dev Complete
8 +4 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • AI (Carl): Write tests for OSG-Build branch safety.
  • AI (Carl): Continue work on EL9 builds
  • AI (Mat): Build new VO-Client for second Fermilab cert change.
  • AI (Brian): Investigate rrdtool for EL9.
  • AI (Mat): Continue work on Topology endpoints for grid-mapfiles.


Tim will release HTCondor-CE 6 which works with HTCondor 10 this week; HTCondor 10.3.0 expected next week

Group write permissions for the PATh origin are broken due to xrootd-multiuser not having the right group permission to traverse the directory tree to enter into private directories.

A potential workaround is to make the parent directories world-traverseable but not world-readable. We would have to remind users that they need to make their files not world-readable and also investigate what permissions xrootd gives newly written files.

A long term solution is to modify xrootd-multiuser to set the process's supplementary groups before accessing files in group directories.

Support Update

None this week

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • htvault-config 1.14
      • Add auditlog option to move the audit log to a different location
  • Ready for Release
    • Nothing yet


None this week