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Reviewing Software Documentation

To maintain quality documentation, we regularly review our documentation for clarity and correctness.

Performing a Review

When reviewing a document, follow the instructions of the document to a tee as if you were completely new to the OSG. Some common things to note and/or fix:

  • After completing the instructions in the document:
    • Does the document inform you how to use the product?
    • Does the document tell you how to verify that the product is functioning?
    • Does the product work?
  • Incorrect or out of date instructions
  • Steps that may be particularly conducive to software or default configuration as a solution
  • Lack of clarity or any other confusion you may have

Additionally, ensure that the document meets our style and layout guidelines, as well as correct spelling and grammar.

Completing a Review

Upon completion of the review:

  1. Update (or add) the review date in the metadata at the top of the document above the h1:

    DateReviewed: YYYY-MM-DD
  2. Submit a pull request with the above change and any other improvements from the review