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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 27 September 2022


BrianL OOO Friday

Triage Duty

  • This week: Mat
  • Next week: TimT
  • 9 (+3) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
212 +3 Open
32 -1 Selected for Dev
17 -1 In Progress
13 -1 Dev Complete
5 +5 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • BrianL:
  • Assisting Antonios with logging in -- his ACCESS CILogon credentials might be conflicting with his OSG CILogon credentials
  • Talk to Aiden about tasks for the next two weeks.

  • Carl:

  • Have PR for validating stash/osdf cache data between OASIS and Topology.

  • Mat:

  • Test auth origin support in stash-origin containers.

  • TimT:

  • Putting 9.12.0 into OSPool. Thin pool improvements are being tested on CHTC.
  • Planning on releasing 9.0.17 this week.
  • Putting finishing touches on 10.0.0; mostly bringing UW spec file in sync with OSG.

  • AIs (Carl):

  • Putting Git identifiers into COManage.
  • Upload missing hosted CE records to GRACC.

  • AIs (Mat):

  • Check if CHTC-canary2 has been sending rsyslog logs to central syslog server.
  • Continue work on OSDF-Origin Helm chart.
  • Fix rsyslog in pilots; assist Jason with setting up rsyslog for LIGO if needed.
  • AIs (BrianL):
  • Brief our student Aiden on the big picture and upcoming tasks for GitHub container actions.

  • AI (TimT):

  • Update HTCondor-CE in OSG repos to the latest release.

  • AI (BrianL):

  • Brief our student Aiden on the big picture and upcoming tasks for GitHub container actions.

  • GlideinWMS:

  • Two PRs remaining for GlideinWMS 3.9.6; release targeted for later this week.
  • Investigating general credential support improvements. The factory would like to supply a list of credentials for a CE with fallback from one to the other (instead of using only one credential that has to be listed per-entry).


  • Kernel issues in CHTC being investigated; most likely a kernel bug being triggered by having many condor_procds (one for each Glidein). Not worth holding up the release for.

  • EL9 coming - transition tasks likely to be assigned to Carl.

Support Update

  • BrianL (PATh Facility): Helping users that have previously had XSEDE credentials log in to the Facility.

  • Carl (unregistered Gratia probes): There are questions about how to match probe names with Topology identifiers.

OSG Release Team

  • Decision Engine:
  • Versions 2.0.2 and 1.7.4 have been released. (1.7.4 is for internal use; 2.0.2 is the recommended version for external users.)