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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 14 March 2023


  • BrianL out Thursday March 16 and Friday March 17
  • TimT out Monday, March 20 through Friday, March 31. (May work remotely on March 20 and 21.)
  • Mat out Thursday, March 30 through Monday, April 17.

Triage Duty

Triage duty shifts changing to Tue-Mon

  • This week: Mat
  • Next week: BrianL
  • 9 (+1) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
223 +3 Open
38 -1 Selected for Dev
27 +0 In Progress
19 +0 Dev Complete
9 +0 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • EL 9
    • AI (BrianL): investigate Slurm failures
    • AI (BrianL): rebuild upcoming packages into main
    • AI (BrianL): build osg-ca-certs-experimental
    • AI (Mat): build XRootD + kick off EL9 VMU tests
  • Lancium provisioner
    • AI (Mat): Allow advertising arbitrary startd attrs (SOFTWARE-5324)
    • AI (BrianL): Add job to osgvo-docker-pilot GHA to kick off Lancium rebuilds (SOFTWARE-5325)
  • Other
    • AI (Mat): Use the OSDF Client shipped with HTCondor in OSPool pilots


  • Marco: Final GlideinWMS release candidate is expected this week. Notable changes:

    • Fixes for OSG autoconf script
    • The tarball to use for CVMFSEXEC will be configurable
    • Fixes error in configuring token lifetime
  • Horst at OU has successfully installed an EL9 CE; he has reported some documentation issues, which BrianL will review

Support Update

  • BrianL (Caltech): Gratia probe failures were due to incorrect directory permissions at the site. This is not the first time such an error has occurred; the Gratia probe should detect this issue and log and/or refuse to start (instead of just discarding records). BrianL will discuss it with Derek.
  • BrianL: A site in India stopped receiving pilots from Fermilab; they reinstalled their CE and need assistance with registration and using token-based pilots

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • hosted-ce-tools 1.0
    • HTCondor-CE 6.0.0
    • HTCondor 10.0.1
    • Upcoming: HTCondor 10.2.0
  • Ready for Release
    • vo-client v130 (Fermilab voms2 DN)


None this week