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Setup Instructions for New Team Members

  1. Computing account at FNAL
    • To get this, follow the instructions here.
  2. ssh access to a UW CompSci account, including AFS access
    • Send email to Tim C with top 3 requested usernames
  3. Read/write access to the UW Subversion repository;
    • Send email to Mat or Tim C
  4. User certificate
    • Obtain a user certificate here:
    • Import the certificate into your browser of choice
  5. Access to FermiCloud
    • fermicloud-help AT
  6. Register for a GGUS account with the following information:

    • Your certificate's subject DN
    • Select none from the "Virtual Organization" drop-down
    • Select yes for "Do you want to have support access?" and answer "Why?" with the following:
      Yes, I need to comment on tickets as a member of the OSG Software & Release Team
  7. Jira ticket system

  8. Access to Koji
  9. Sign up for mailing lists
  10. GitHub team membership
  11. UNL repository access
    • Send SSH public key to Tim T, Derek, or Brian L to gain access to the UNL repository ([email protected])
  12. If > 50% S&R, add them to the triage schedule