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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 17 October 2023


Triage Duty

Triage duty shifts Tue-Mon

  • This week: BrianL
  • Next week: Mat
  • 6 (+2) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Tuesday morning)

# of tickets Δ State
234 +1 Open
17 +0 Selected for Dev
30 -2 In Progress
22 -2 Dev Complete
10 +6 Ready for Testing
3 +3 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

Kubernetes Hackathon - We want to upgrade various Tiger components (Kubernetes, Flux, Kustomize) and need to make sure our existing apps don't get broken, making changes as necessary. AI (BrianA): Investigate the upgrades. Things to note: - "patchesStrategicMerge" has been replaced with "patches" - "vars" are deprecated; "replacements" are the suggested replacement - AI (BrianL): TACC PATh Facility - AI (Mat): Finish deploying repo on Tempest - AI (Mat): osgvo-docker-pilot items

We're getting close to Done Enough for OSG 23 Remaining top items - Test and provide instructions for FNAL build access. Mat to write instructions. - Figure out if we need VOMS for EL9/an update to EL8 - AI (BrianL) Update docs for OSG 23 tarballs and images - AI (Matt): Update mash scripts to pull HTCSS 23 RC packages into 23-{main,upcoming}-testing - AI (Matt): cpio in EL9 tarballs - AI (Mat): cronjob to regen repos to pull in HTCondor RPMs

Miscellaneous - AI (BrianL, Mat, Matt): offboard Brian Chase


  • HTCondor 23.1.0 and 23.0.1 are going onto the CHTC pool this week; we want to deploy in the OSPool as well, but BrianL and Mat will need to help UChicago staff upgrade their APs to OSG 23 first.

Support Update

  • JLab (BrianL, Matt): fts-rest-client created non-RFC proxies, which XRootD didn't like (reporting an unknown CA). Next issue is that macaroons configuration is apparently causing XRootD to dump core.
  • UCSD (Mat): feature request for OSDF area with public read and authenticated write
  • Kisti (Matt): got affirmation that new XRootD build contains the relevant changes


None this week

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • HTCondor-CE 6.0.1-[13]
    • XRootD 5.6.2-2.[34]
  • Ready for Release
    • Nothing Yet


  • Release tomorrow