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Sending Announcements

Various OSG teams need to send out announcement about various events (releases, security advisories, planned changes, etc). This page describes how to send announcements using the osg-notify tool.


To send announcements, the following conditions must be met:

  • A host with an IP address listed in the SPF Record
  • A sufficiently modern Linux operating system. This procedure has been tested on a FermiCloud Scientific Linux 7 VM and a Linux Mint 18.3 laptop. It is known not to work on a FermiCloud Scientific Linux 6 VM.
  • A valid OSG user certificate to lookup contacts in the topology database
  • Local hostname matches DNS
  • DNS forward and reverse lookups in place
[tim@submit-1 topology]$ hostname
[tim@submit-1 topology]$ host has address
[tim@submit-1 topology]$ host domain name pointer
  • (Required for security announcements) A GPG Key to sign the announcement


  1. Install the required Yum repositories:

  2. Install the OSG tools:

    # yum install --enablerepo=devops topology-client
  3. If you are on a FermiCloud VM, update postfix to relay through FermiLab's official mail server:

    echo "transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport" >> /etc/postfix/
    echo "*" >> /etc/postfix/transport
    postmap hash:/etc/postfix/transport
    postfix reload
  4. Test this setup by sending a message to yourself only. Bonus points for using an email address that goes to a site with aggressive SPAM filtering.

Sending the announcement

Use the osg-notify tool to send the announcement using the relevant options from the following table:

Option Description
--dry-run Use this option until you are ready to actually send the message
--cert <FILE> File that contains your OSG User Certificate
--key <FILE> File that contains your Private Key for your OSG User Certificate
--no-sign Don't GPG sign the message (release only)
--type production Not a test message
--message <FILE> File containing your message
--subject <EMAIL SUBJECT> The subject of your message
--recipients <LIST OF EMAILS> List of recipient email addresses, must have at least one
--oim-recipients <resources|vos> Select contacts associated with resources and/or VOs
--oim-contact-type <TYPE> Replacing <TYPE> with administrative for release announcements or security for security announcements
--bypass-dns-check Use this option to skip the check that one of the host's IP addresses matches with the hostname resolution

Security requirements

Security announcements must be signed using the following options:

  • --sign: GPG sign the message
  • --sign-id <KEYID>: The ID of the key used for singing
  • --from security: The mail comes from the OSG Security Team

For release announcements use the following command:

osg-notify --cert your-cert.pem --key your-key.pem \
    --no-sign --type production --message <PATH TO MESSAGE FILE> \
    --subject '<EMAIL SUBJECT>' \
    --recipients "[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]" \
    --oim-recipients resources --oim-recipients vos --oim-contact-type administrative

Replacing <EMAIL SUBJECT> with an appropriate subject for your announcement and <PATH TO MESSAGE FILE> with the path to the file containing your message in plain text.