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Plans for Future Releases

This informal page is the mapping of "technology goals" (e.g., "release software Foo version X") to release numbers. It is meant to be updated as the releases evolve (and items are moved back in schedule). For package support policy between release series, see this page.

Unless explicitly noted, bullet points refer to software in the release repo.

This page is not meant to track minor bugfixes or updates -- rather, its focus should be new features.

OSG 3.4 (May 2017)

Package(s) Change in osg-release Notes
BeStMan2 Drop Retirement policy
edg-mkgridmap Drop SOFTWARE-2600
frontier-squid Modify Version 3
glexec Drop SOFTWARE-2620
GUMS Drop Retirement policy, SOFTWARE-2600
jglobus Drop SOFTWARE-2606
netlogger Drop
osg-ce Modify Drop GridFTP, gums-client
osg-info-services Drop
osg-version Drop
singularity Add
voms-admin-server Drop Retirement policy

Track OSG 3.4 updates through its JIRA epic.

Support Policy for OSG 3.3

According to our release support policy and the release date of May 2017 for OSG 3.4, OSG 3.3 will receive routine software updates until November 2017 and critical updates until May 2018.

Previous Releases

12 November 2013

  • OSG 3.1
    • HTCondor-CE with PBS
    • osg-configure emits an ERROR if squid defaults are not changed ("UNAVAILABLE" is a valid change)
  • OSG 3.2
    • Initial release
    • HDFS 2.0.0 (already done in Upcoming)
    • HTCondor 8.0.4
    • glideinWMS 3.2.0
    • osg-info-services (Note: ReSS will likely be retired around year-end)
    • OSG 3.1 updates
  • Upcoming
    • HTCondor 8.1 with unified RPM
    • BOSCO

10 December 2013

  • OSG 3.2
    • RSV-for-VOs
    • Squid must be present on OSG-CE (??? what does this mean?)