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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 7 November 2023


Triage Duty

Triage duty shifts Tue-Mon

  • This week: TimT
  • Next week: BrianL
  • 3 (+1) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Tuesday morning)

# of tickets Δ State
247 +1 Open
22 -2 Selected for Dev
28 -2 In Progress
22 +3 Dev Complete
1 -1 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

Miscellaneous: - AI (Mat): XRootD tarball for Pelican - AI (???): ship first batch of vo-client updates for IGTF CA 3 - AI (Mat): Write instructions for package signing using YubiKeys on Windows - AI (Matt): ship osg-ca-certs with workaround, osg-ca-certs-java without workaround - AI (BrianL): put together backfill container RPM package ticket for MattW

Remaining OSG 23 items - Figure out if we need VOMS for EL9/an update to EL8 - AI (Tim): Update tarball scripts to use 23-main (SOFTWARE-5713) - AI (BrianL): Finish transition of internal containers to OSG 23


  • How should we manage containers produced by OSG Staff?
    • We should separate needs/reqs for containers that are built off of the OSG Software pipeline (dev -> testing -> release Yum repos) vs everything else
    • Ideally, for everything else, we'd have a GitHub workflow template or action and some convention for tagging as well as immutability/retention policies
    • Repo sprawl is a concern for security and management. Harbor creds are per organization so it may be prudent to separate out mostly-internally facing containers to a separate project, e.g. osg-internal
    • Consolidation into the images repo doesn't work well for many images right now, especially those with "large" code bases as it makes dev (think tracking issues/PRs) more difficult. We should think of the SVN packaging repo as an analog here. We could add some additional flexibility to the images repo that would allow per-image references to external, trusted repos and usage of build processes that aren't so tightly tied to the Software release process.
    • For the time being for the xrootd-monitoring-collector, we should just use a custom GitHub Action
    • Implementation discussion in SOFTWARE-5013
  • Release of scitokens-cpp is in bodhi and needs karma. Ready for TimT tobuild for Debian
    • EPEL7:
    • EPEL8:
    • EPEL9:

Support Update

  • CVMFS issue with the latest version that causes the client to hang. DaveD is on it.


  • scitokens-cpp release this week. Already in fedora update system bodhi.

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • XRootD 5.6.3-1.2
    • osg-system-profiler 1.7.0
  • Ready for Release
    • Nothing yet


None this week