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Promoting Packages from Upcoming to Main

Sometimes we move packages from Upcoming to the Main repositories in the middle of a release series. Once the Release Manager has given tentative approval for such a move:

If needed, move the software from upcoming to trunk and release using the usual process:

  1. Merge changes to the package in SVN from branches/upcoming to trunk.
  2. Build the package from trunk.
  3. Follow the normal process to prepare a build for release (including development testing, promotion, etc.).

On release day, when the package has been released in the Main production repository, clean up the package from the upcoming repos:

  1. Untag from all upcoming repos the version of the package corresponding to the version that was released in main. (Do NOT untag from the osg-upcoming-elN-release-X.Y.Z tags)

Also, untag all equal or lesser NVRs (minus the dist tag) from all upcoming repos.

If you do not have the privileges to untag from upcoming-release, someone on the Release Team can help.

(These steps are necessary to make sure Koji builds can't mistakenly use an older build from the upcoming repos).

  1. Unless there's a newer build in branches/upcoming than what was released, remove the package directory from branches/upcoming.