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COManage Operations

OSG is using a new identity management system called COManage. This system is used for managing contact information for OSPool and PATh Facility users, Topology site contacts, and OSG/PATh staff.

Contact Registration

Contact registrations must be manually approved by a COManage admin. Follow the instructions below to approve a contact registration.


This page is for COManage Admins who want to approve contact registrations. If you are a user who wants to register with COManage, go to the Registering for the OSG COManage page instead.

  1. Check for contact registration requests:

    • If you are a COManage sponsor for a given group of registrants, you will receive email notifications when there are new registration requests. Check for an email from saying "Petition for changed status from Confirmed to Pending Approval" and visit the first link in the body.

    • Alternatively, you can view all requests pending approval here. Click on the registrant's name to view their request.

      Topology registrations

      You can view the list of Topology registrations here


      Many groups share our COManage instance so make sure that you're only approving registration requests for the appropriate group, e.g. site contacts.

  2. If prompted, log in with your institutional credentials.

  3. Review the request:

    1. Verify that the request is legitimate by doing at least one of the following:

      • Find associated support tickets by searching for their email address in Freshdesk
      • Ask someone affiliated with the site, collaboration, or the sponsor of a project to verify the registrant's affiliation.
      • Ask if other staff have been in contact with them via the #staff Slack channel
    2. Verify that the registrant has submitted their request using the correct form, e.g. OSPool users should not have submitted a request to register as a Topology contact.

  4. In the top-right corner, click the "Add comment" link and add a note indicating how you verified the request

    'Approver Comment' is public

    The registrant will see notes added to the "Approver Comment" field

  5. Click the "Approve" button. You should see "Petition Approved" and "Petition Finalized" on top. The Status should now be "Finalized".

  6. Click on their name next to CO Person to verify that the registrant is Active and that they are in the expected groups.

  7. The user will get an email saying "Petition for changed status from Pending Approval to Approved".

Revoking AP login access

Login access to AP1 (PATh Facility) and AP40 (OSPool) is controlled by membership to COManage groups. To revoke a user's login access to either of these APs, perform the following steps:

  1. Find the corresponding user in COManage and revoke access to all OSG services or just the relevant AP:

    1. If you are revoking access to all OSG services, set the user's CO Person status to Suspended

    2. If you only need to revoke access to AP1 or AP40, remove the user from the ap1-login or ap40-login group, respectively

  2. Note the OSG Username identifier of the user

  3. On the AP host(s) where you are revoking access, clear the SSSD cache as root:

    root@ap-host # sss_cache -u <OSG Username>

    Replacing <OSG Username> with the OSG Username identifier that you noted in step (2)