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OSG/HTCondor CREAM-CE Support

The CREAM working group has recently announced official support for the CREAM-CE will cease in December 2020. With this email, we are soliciting feedback on OSG and HTCondor’s transition plan. OSG and HTCondor remain committed to supporting VOs who need to access to CREAM-CE based resources throughout the transition period; we will continue to support submission to CREAM-CE endpoints and offer assistance to VOs to manage the transition.

OSG runs a glidein submission service that submits to grid infrastructures worldwide on behalf of dozens of science projects. This service currently submits to approximately 100 CREAM-CE endpoints; we will continue to maintain the capability to access these endpoints while we assist sites in testing and enabling ARC-CE and/or HTCondor-CE replacement services.

The HTCondor team plans to support the CREAM-CE on EL6/7 in the 8.8.x stable release series and will maintain support for 8.8.x through December 2020. CREAM-CE support will remain enabled at the start of the 8.9.x developer series; in early 2020, the HTCondor team will re-evaluate, based on community need, whether CREAM-CE support will be available in the next stable series.

We realize that software retirements can be very disruptive; the OSG and HTCondor teams are committed to assisting user communities through the process. If you believe our plan does not fit the needs of your user community, please contact


Brian Bockelman, OSG Technology Area Coordinator

Todd Tannenbaum, HTCondor Technical Lead


EGI broadcast about CREAM retirement; the EGI link requires authentication; statement has been reproduced below:

Dear Users

The CREAM working group has announced that official support for the CREAM-CE component will cease at the end of the EOSC-hub project, i.e. in Dec 2020. To prepare for this, EGI Foundation and CERN are actively working to help to minimise disruption. This will include helping users migrate to alternative solutions, i.e. ARC-CE or HTCondor-CE.

The CREAM working group will be providing full support until the end of 2019, including one minor release already scheduled. During 2020 only security updates will be released.

If you have any concerns or queries, please open a support ticket at

Best regards

EGI Foundation and CERN Operations Teams