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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 25 July 2023


  • BrianL out this week

Triage Duty

Triage duty shifts Tue-Mon

  • This week: Mat
  • Next week: BrianL
  • ? (+?) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 1 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
237 -6 Open
22 -2 Selected for Dev
30 +3 In Progress
16 -1 Dev Complete
2 -2 Ready for Testing
0 -0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

Kubernetes Hackathon

  • AI (Mat): Upgrade PATh Facility central manager
  • AI (Mat): Investigate PATh Facility autoscaler issues
  • AI (Matt): Perform various cleanup tasks on the OSG Repo server Kubernetes configuration

OSG 23:

  • AI (Matt): Update OSG Repo scripts to work with OSG 23 naming scheme
  • AI (Matt, with Mat): Build "buildsys-macros" packages for OSG 23


  • Planning to have the copy of the OSDF plugin that is shipped with HTCondor come from the Pelican repo instead of osdf-client; this can be done independently of HTCondor 23
  • TimT: HTCondor 10.0.7 will be released today, and will have the newest version of scitokens-cpp in the tarballs. HTCondor 10.7.0 will be released later this week and will have apptainer in the tarballs.

Support Update

  • TimT: Bockjoo at UFlorida requests packaging "xrootd-cmstfc" for EL9; this is a "contrib" package meaning it's not officially supported by OSG Software. If building for EL9 is easy then we can do it ourselves, otherwise we will have to contact the developer.
  • Matt: Created IGTF certs for UColorado and send them to the admin; Matt should ping them admin since they haven't responded
  • Topology/GGUS (BrianL, Mat): G√ľnter is trying to get a new certificate working with Topology but running into SSL issues. SHA1 was a red herring: SHA1 support was disabled in EL9, not EL8, and Topology is still EL8. Mat will debug.


(none this week)

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • HTCondor 10.0.3
    • XRootD 5.5.4
    • frontier-squid 5.8-2.1
  • Ready for Release
    • HTCondor 10.4.0
    • HTCondor-CE 6.0.0
    • htgettoken 1.17
    • xcache 3.5.0-2


None this week