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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 26 October 2021


None this week

Triage Duty

  • This week: Mat
  • Next week: Carl
  • 7 (-2) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
164 +4 Open
42 +1 Selected for Dev
38 +0 In Progress
11 +0 Dev Complete
2 +2 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • Release
    • AI (Mat, BrianL): XRootD in OSG 3.6 (SOFTWARE-4494)
    • AI (Mat) review gratia-probe PRs
    • AI (BrianL): build gratia-probe and osg-flock for 3.6


There were some reports of user jobs failing in OSPool backfill containers due to insufficient storage space in /tmp. OSPool jobs almost always run inside Singularity containers and GlideinWMS has mechanisms that will decide what to mount from the host (in this case the backfill container), into /tmp inside the Singularity container:

It'd be worth checking to verify that the affected user jobs were running inside Singularity.

Support Update

None this week