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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 5 September 2023


IRIS-HEP retreat next Mon-Wed:

Triage Duty

Triage duty shifts Tue-Mon

  • This week: MattW
  • Next week: TimT
  • 6 (+3) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Tuesday morning)

Automated Jira ticket summary email seems to be flaky (maybe corresponds to Jira maintenace?)

# of tickets Δ State
237 -1 Open
21 +5 Selected for Dev
29 -1 In Progress
21 -2 Dev Complete
3 +1 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

Kubernetes Hackathon: - AI (BrianL): Build OSG 23 container images - AI (BrianL): Tie WN client series to OSG series used for Hosted CE image build - AI (BrianL): Switch osg-wn-client to Alma8 - AI (BrianL): Hosted CEs move update WN client scripts to the container image - AI (BrianL): Add support for HelmReleases on Nautilus - AI (Mat): Set up remote Kustomization to TACC - AI (Matt): Create postgres Topology institution database in Kubernetes

OSG 23:

  • AI (Matt): Update mash scripts to merge OSG and UW HTCondor repos (SOFTWARE-5653)
    • Still an issue with empty repos?
  • AI (Matt): Complete the two -contrib builds
  • AI (Matt): Kick off OSG 23 XRootD tests (worker node and XRootD)
  • AI (Mat): Examine OSG-Test to see what needs to be updated for OSG 23
  • AI (TimT): populate HTCSS 23 repos
    • Path of least resistance to compile newer versions of GnuPG on Moria (needed for daily and RC/release builds)
  • AI (Mat): Kojihub update status
    • Apache RPM turns on multiproc module, so does Hiera, apache doesn't like it. Talk to Joe to figure out how to turn off the packaging

OSG 3.6

  • AI (Mat): review osg-pki-tools promotion request
  • AI (Matt): build CA certs packages, merge in EL9 crypto policy hack


  • AI (BrianL): sort out osg-bot 2FA
  • AI (TimT): debug various failures with HTCondor 10.8.0 release candidate


GlideinWMS RC2 ready, final release should be ready today or tomorrow. - Added optionally enabled structured logging - Added workaround for rrdtool Python binding issues

Support Update

  • Caltech (Mat): review OSDF cache ticket for any remaining TODO items


None this week

OSG Release Team

  • Ready for Testing
    • HTCondor 10.0.3
    • XRootD 5.5.5-1.2
      • Requires testing from Josh Willis prior
    • frontier-squid 5.8-2.1
      • AI (TimT): create an INF ticket for testing at the CHTC, BrianL to assign
  • Ready for Release

    • HTCondor 10.4.0
    • HTCondor-CE 6.0.0
    • htgettoken 1.17
    • xcache 3.5.0-2
  • AI (MattW): Review release-tools PR


None this week