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Registering for a new Open Science Pool Account

The OSG access points at UW-Madison us the COManage identity management system to register new users. COManage uses the InCommon federation, allowing users to register with their institutional identities; there is no "OSPool password" that users must memorize

Starting the registration process

You can start the application for a new account by following the registration process below:

  1. Visit the new OSPool user enrollment page.

  2. You will be presented with a CILogon Single-Sign On page. Select your insitution and sign in with your insitutional credentials:

    CILogon Single-Sign On page

    Please use your institution's credentials as this simplifies the verification process; only select the Google or GitHub identity providers if your institution is not an option.

  3. After you have signed in, you will be presented with the self-signup form. Click the "BEGIN" button:

    COManage self-signup form

  4. Enter your name and email address. In most cases, your institution will provide defaults for your name and email address. If you prefer, you may override these values.

    If you have a GitHub account, please fill in your username.

    If you have already been working with an member to get the OSPool account, please select their name from the Sponsor drop-down; otherwise, leave it blank.

    Click the "SUBMIT" button:

    COManage enrollment form

Verifying Your Email Address

After submitting your registration application, you will receive an email from to verify your email address. Follow the link in the email and click the "Accept" button to complete the verification:

COManage verification email

Adding an SSH Key

A SSH public key (see this overview page for more information) allows for easier SSH-based login to the access point. After verifying your email address, you will be given an option to upload a public key for your account. If you are not ready to do that at this time, simply click "skip".

COManage SSH upload page)

Meeting with a Facilitator

After verifying your email address (and optionally uploading the SSH key), a new support ticket will be generated and we will contact you to arrange a meeting with a Facilitator for an introduction to the access point and High Throughput Computing. After this initial meeting, your account will be finalized and you will be able to login to the system.

Getting Help

For assistance or questions, please email the support team at