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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 27 July 2021

Coordinates: Conference: +1-415-655-0002, PIN: 146 266 9392, (password sent separately)
Attending: BrianL, Marco Mambelli, Mat, TimT


  • Carl OOO Jul 26-30
  • Party at Tim's house with three racks of ribs

Triage Duty

  • This week: BrianL
  • Next week: Carl
  • 6 (-4) open FreshDesk tickets
  • 0 (+0) open GGUS ticket

Jira (as of Monday)

# of tickets Δ State
148 +1 Open
25 -2 Selected for Dev
36 -1 In Progress
12 +2 Dev Complete
3 -4 Ready for Testing
3 +3 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • Kubernetes Hackathon this afternoon
  • Tim makeup doc focus: EL8 interest is increasing
  • Doc focus Aug 20
  • Release
    • AI (BrianL): Use vomsxrd config in osg-xrootd on 3.6
    • AI (TimT): SciTokens credmon?
  • AI (BrianL): Verify that HTCondor got updated on the OS registry
  • AT (BrianL): Create ticket for pushing to OSG Hub as well as Docker Hub in automated builds


  • GlideinWMS release candidate expected later this week
  • SSH to tiger cluster head node only available from select CHTC hosts; kubectl access has not been changed

Support Update

None this week

OSG DevOps

  • StashCP go client is working and tested, and being tested by Christina now. Need to talk to Mats on packaging and releasing. (will follow up). No news from Christina,
  • Design document is done and is being distributed for xrootd monitoring collector NG (next gen). Shoveler is working and lightly tested. Now on to the collector.
  • XRootD TCP plugin is ready for packaging. Derek will follow up with software team on who to hand that off to.
  • Discussions of xrootd-multiuser support for checksumming on-the-fly. After a discussion, the checksum-on-the-fly funcationality will be ported to xrootd-multiuser. Copied largely from xrootd-hdfs. This does mean that out-of-order writes will not be supported.
  • More partners are asking about scitokens-cpp, and compatibility. Expect some updates.

    • Maybe we have been doing tokens wrong? Use the `typ` rather than `ver`.
  • (Stalled, but need to get back to it) XRootD accounting information (from Frank):

    • May need help with automating the process of generating these reports. A month only takes a few minutes. Longer periods take much longer.
    • Table of working set, read, and re-read for monthly, quarterly, and year.


None this week

OSG Release Team

  • OSG 3.5.42 and OSG 3.6 (today)
    • HTCondor Security Release 8.8.14, 9.0.3, 9.1.1
  • OSG 3.5.43 and OSG 3.6 (Thursday)
    • Ready for Testing
      • OSG 3.5 and 3.6
        • gratia-probe 1.24.0
    • Ready for Release
      • OSG 3.5
        • Upcoming: XCache 2.0.1 (Python 3 conversion)
        • VOMS 2.0.16 (2.1.0rc? on EL8)
        • htvault-config 1.4 and htgettoken 1.3
      • OSG 3.6
        • VOMS 2.0.16 (2.1.0rc? on EL8)
        • htvault-config 1.4 and htgettoken 1.3


None this week