OSG-Operated Access Points

The OSG offers access points that serve as a researcher's home for their High Throughput Computing work. Researchers can place their workloads and data on the access point, which automates the execution of jobs and data movement across associated resources, like the Open Science Pool (OSPool) and Open Science Data Federation (OSDF).

Working with an access point requires no resources beyond your personal computer - it is your "home" on the nation's cyberinfrastructure, leading to our slogan of Submit Locally, Run Globally.

Powered by the HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS), access points can also be configured to support “Bring Your Own Capacity” (BYOC). Researchers and project can use the Access Point to harness capacity for sources such as allocated capacity on national facilities (e.g. XRAC allocations), PATh Facility credits , and commercial cloud resources (including NSFCloud accounts).

Free for US Researchers

OSG operated access points are available to any US-based research projects and collaborators via the OSG Portal.

See who is placing their workloads on our Access Points on our
Projects Page

Via an OSG-Operated Access Point, researchers have Fair-Share access to the capacity of the OSPool and the OSDF, with options for integrating with BYOC.

Test-drive an access point today by signing up for an account on the OSG Portal!

Interested in Operating an Access Point?

Most researchers are best served by using one of the access points we support.

If you are an IT professional, and your organization wants to consider operating an access point for its community of researchers, our organization specific Access Point page specifies how we can help!

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