Members of the OSG Consortium

We consider the consortium to be the totality of all researchers, resources, individuals and institutions that benefit from or contribute to any of the OSG fabric of services.

Pools in the OSG

Each of the more than 20 OSG pools (previously “virtual organizations” or “VOs”) consists of computing and data capacity operated via OSG and HTCSS technologies and services, as well as any additional resources and services provided by/for the pool’s relevant research community.

A list of OSG pools and compute usage within each is available in the OSG’s Accounting System (GRACC).

The OSG Team operates the Open Science Pool (OSPool) for use by research projects associated with a US-based academic, government, or non-profit organization, and with funding from the National Science Foundation through the NSF PATh project (NSF #2030508). Applicable researchers can obtain access to OSPool resources via an associated access point operated by their institution or collaboration, or via the OSG Portal. Institutions can contribute capacity to the OSPool (and other pools) by becoming an OSG Site.

Other pools within the OSG are operated by/for the research communities they serve, often with their own (private) access points, documentation, policies, etc., separate from those pertaining to using and contributing to the OSPool. Some pool communities or participating organizations provide application-specific interfaces or datasets, such that end-users may not even be aware of integration with OSG and its services/technologies. Some pools share capacity with one another, and organizations can contribute resources to more than one pool. If you’re interested in supporting the Open Science Pool, specific projects, or any pool/research community, contact us at [email protected].

Research Projects with Accounted Usage Across OSG Pools

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Institutions Contributing Accounted Resources Across OSG Pools

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