Self-Operated Access Point

The OSG fabric of services supports US-based campuses and other government or non-profit organizations to operate their own access points with access to the Open Science Pool (OSPool). The organization has full autonomy with regard to facilitation services, user authentication/authorization, and data storage associated with the access point. These ‘local’ access points can also be configured to integrate multiple sources of computing capacity beyond the OSPool, as well as the Open Science Data Federation.

Operating such a ‘local’ access point is akin to supporting the use of another cluster, but for which the organization doesn’t have to operate the computing capacity. The OSG services provide support for required and optional HTCSS configuration on the access point, and can provide recommendations for other access point features.

Organizations interested in operating their own access point can inquire via [email protected]. We strongly encourage such organizations to first co-facilitate researchers in their use of the OSG-Operated Access Points, to inform the configuration and facilitation services for a ‘local’ access point.