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OSG School Materials

School Overview and Intro

View the slides: PDF

Intro to HTC and HTCondor Job Execution

Intro to HTC Slides

Intro to HTC: PDF

Worksheet: PDF

Intro to HTCondor Slides

View the slides: PDF

Bonus Exercises: Job Attributes and Handling

Intro to HTCondor Multiple Job Execution

View the Slides (PDF)


View the slides: PDF


Slides: (PDF, PowerPoint)

Troubleshooting Exercises:


Slides: PDF

Software Exercises 1: Exploring Containers

Software Exercises 2: Preparing Scripts

Software Exercises 3: Container Examples (Optional)

Software Exercises 4: Exploring Compiled Software (Optional)

Software Exercises 5: Compiled Software Examples (Optional)


View the slides (PDF, PowerPoint)

Scaling Up

View the slides (PDF)

Scaling Up Exercises

Workflows with DAGMan

View the slides (PDF, PowerPoint)

DAGMan Exercises 1

Extra Topics

Self-checkpointing for long-running jobs

View the slides (PDF,PPT)

Special Environments

View the slides (PDF, PowerPoint)

Special Environments Exercises 1

Introduction to Research Computing Facilitation

View the slides: PDF

Final Talks

  • Philosophy: (slides coming soon)
  • Final thoughts: PDF