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School Location

The school will be held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the Education Building, located at 1000 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI, 53706. This location is about 1.1 miles from your hotel. The main classroom is Room L196 (see below).

See the local transportation page for suggestions about getting around Madison.

Education Building, Room L196

Most School sessions are held in Room L196. If you walk up Bascom Mall (the big hill):

  1. Enter the Education building through the entrance on Bascom
  2. Go to the right of the central stairway and back toward the Commons area
  3. Pass the Crossroads Cafe on your right and follow it around to the right
  4. Now look to your left for a stairway going down and take that
  5. On L1, follow the corridor around to the left until you find the entrance to L196

That seems to be the most efficient way to the lecture hall, but other ways are fine, too. Generally, just follow signs for L196.

Education Building, Room L177

The catered breakfasts and lunches will be in Room L177.

This room is near the entrance to L196 — to the right, if you are facing the glass doors to outside, and in the corner at the end of that corridor.

Follow the group of hungry participants and you will find it!


There are restrooms on the same hallway as L177, or if you go out the lower doors of L196, go straight to the L2 Floor restrooms.