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The School provides some catered meals as a group, and you are on your own for others.

When on your own, there are many dining options in Madison near the School and your hotel, especially on State Street which is only a couple of blocks away from both locations.

Restaurants right on and very near to the Capitol Square, onto which the hotel faces, tend to be a little more expensive. As you go toward campus on State Street or neighboring streets, prices tend to go down. But of course, there are exceptions in both directions! It is reasonable to ask to see a menu before ordering or being seated and decide whether to stay.

Food Options Near the Hotel

Use a mapping app or rating services like Yelp to look food options. For example:

Food Options Near the School

Local Food Trucks

There are many food trucks that set up around Library Mall, which is just two blocks from the School in the Education building. If you would like to see what trucks/carts are available, you can use this website:!whats_open

You will need to search in “Madison, WI” and then find the campus area. It may help to look for Memorial Library, because most midday food carts are next to it.

More Options

Here is a map centered on Library Mall, with lower State Street just to the East: