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Installing and Using the OSG Token Renewal Service

This document contains instructions to install and configure the OSG Token Renewal Service package, osg-token-renewer, for obtaining and automatically renewing tokens with oidc-agent.

Before Starting

Before starting the installation process, consider the following points (consulting the Reference section below as needed):

  • An account is needed with an OIDC token issuer that offers the device flow
  • User and Group IDs: If they do not exist already, the installation will create the Linux user and group named osg-token-svc

As with all OSG software installations, there are some one-time (per host) steps to prepare in advance:

Installing the OSG Token Renewal Service

Install the OSG Token Renewal Service package:

root@server # yum install osg-token-renewer

This will install the osg-token-renewer scripts & systemd service files, and will pull in the oidc-agent package that the service depends on.

Configuring the OSG Token Renewal Service

Configuring accounts

To create a new client account named <ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>:

  1. Create a corresponding file named /etc/osg/tokens/<ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>.pw with the encryption password to use for this client account.
  2. Consult the Requesting Tokens document to determine which scopes you will need for this client account.
  3. Run the setup script as follows:

    root@server # osg-token-renewer-setup <ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>

    For example,

    root@server # osg-token-renewer-setup myaccount123

That will use dynamic client registration. If you instead have a predefined client id and secret, add a --manual option, for example,

    root@server # osg-token-renewer-setup --manual myaccount123
  1. When prompted, enter your Issuer and desired scopes for this account from the list of valid options. If you used --manual, also enter the client id and secret.
  2. You will also be prompted on the console to visit a web link to authorize the client request with a passcode printed on the console. Follow the prompts (visit the web link, enter the request passcode, log in with your account for your issuer, and authorize the request).
  3. If this succeeds, you will be prompted with a new [account <ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>] section to add to your config.ini. Add the section to your /etc/osg/token-renewer/config.ini, replacing the example section if it's still there.

Next you can configure one or more tokens for this client account.

Configuring tokens

After you have created an OIDC client account and added it to /etc/osg/token-renewer/config.ini, you need to create a corresponding token section in the config for each token that should be generated for this account (possibly with different options).

  1. Choose a <TOKEN_NAME> and add a new [token <TOKEN_NAME>] section (replacing the example section if it's still there).

    The account option in this section must match the <ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME> for the corresponding [account <ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>] section.

  2. Set the token_path to /etc/osg/tokens/<ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>.<TOKEN_NAME>.token

  3. Optionally, you may also specify any of the following options, which can limit the respective values in the generated token compared to the associated account:

    Option Description
    audience list of audiences (see RFC7519)
    scope list of scopes
    min_lifetime min token lifetime in seconds


    For tokens used against an HTCondor-CE, set the audience option to <CE FQDN>:<CE PORT>.

Example configuration

[account myclient1234]

password_file = /etc/osg/tokens/

[token mytoken567]

account = myclient1234
token_path = /etc/osg/tokens/myclient1234.mytoken567.token

Adjusting token renewal frequency

It is possible to override the default osg-token-renewer systemd timer frequency for this service by creating a config override file under /etc/systemd/system/osg-token-renewer.timer.d/.

For example, to configure the token renewal service to run every 10 minutes, run the following:

root@host # cat << EOF > /etc/systemd/system/osg-token-renewer.timer.d/timer-frequency.conf
root@host # systemctl daemon-reload


Be aware that the default timer configuration also has a 3 minute random delay built in, via the parameter RandomizedDelaySec=3min. Thus setting the frequency to 10min only guarantees runs every 13 minutes. This parameter is also configurable in the above systemd override file.

Managing the OSG Token Renewal Service

These services are managed by systemctl and may start additional services as dependencies. As a reminder, here are common service commands (all run as root) for EL7:

To... On EL7, run the command...
Start a service systemctl start <SERVICE-NAME>
Stop a service systemctl stop <SERVICE-NAME>
Enable a service to start on boot systemctl enable <SERVICE-NAME>
Disable a service from starting on boot systemctl disable <SERVICE-NAME>

Token renewal services

Software Service name Notes
OSG Token Renewer osg-token-renewer.service The OSG Token Renewer, runs as a "oneshot" service, not a daemon.
OSG Token Renewer timer osg-token-renewer.timer Timer to run the OSG Token Renewer every 15 minutes

The OSG token renewal service is set to run via a systemd timer every 15 minutes. After configuring your account(s) and token(s), enable the timer with:

root@host # systemctl enable osg-token-renewer.timer
root@host # systemctl start  osg-token-renewer.timer

If you would like to run the service manually at a different time (e.g., to generate all the tokens immediately), you can run the service once with:

root@host # systemctl start osg-token-renewer.service

If this succeeds, the new token will be written to the location you configured for token_path (/etc/osg/tokens/<ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>.token, by convention).

Failures can be diagnosed by running:

root@host # journalctl -eu osg-token-renewer


To get assistance please use this Help Procedure.


Files of interest

Path Description
/etc/osg/token-renewer/config.ini Main config file for service
/etc/osg/tokens/<ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>.pw Encryption password file for client account
/etc/osg/tokens/<ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME>.<TOKEN_NAME>.token Output location for token files
/usr/sbin/osg-token-renewer-setup Setup script for each new client account
/usr/lib/systemd/system/osg-token-renewer.service SystemD service unit configuruation
/usr/lib/systemd/system/osg-token-renewer.timer SystemD timer for service
/usr/libexec/osg-token-renewer/ Main wrapper script invoked by service
/usr/libexec/osg-token-renewer/osg-token-renewer Token renewal program invoked by main wrapper
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