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Supported Platforms

The OSG release series are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) compatible platforms for 64-bit Intel architectures according to the following table:

Platform OSG 3.6 OSG 23
CentOS 7
CentOS Stream 8
CentOS Stream 9
Alma Linux 8
Alma Linux 9
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
Rocky Linux 8
Rocky Linux 9
Scientifix Linux 7

OSG builds and tests its RPMs on the latest releases of the relevant platforms (e.g., in 2023, the RHEL 9 builds were based on RHEL 9.2). Older platform release versions may not receive thorough testing and may have subtle bugs. In particular, versions of RHEL/CentOS/SL 7 less than 7.5 have known issues with several pieces of software, including osg-oasis and xrootd-lcmaps. In addition, versions of RHEL/CentOS/SL 7 less than 7.8 do not have Python 3, which is required to run HTCondor 9 and HTCondor-CE 5. If sites run into problems with one of those versions, we will ask them to update to the latest operating system packages as part of the support process.

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