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How to Get Help

This page is aimed at OSG site administrators looking for support. Help for OSG users can be found at our support desk.

Security Incidents

Security incidents can be reported by following the instructions on the Incident Discovery and Reporting page.

Software or Service Support

If you are experiencing issues with OSG software or services, please consult the following resources before opening a support inquiry:

  • Troubleshooting sections or pages for the problematic software
  • Recent OSG Software release notes
  • Outage information for OSG services

Submitting support inquiries

If your problem still hasn't been resolved by consulting the resources above, please submit a support inquiry with the information noted below:

  1. If you came to this page from an installation guide, please provide the following information:

    • Commands and output from any Troubleshooting sections or pages
    • The OSG system profile (osg-profile.txt), generated by running the following command:
      root@host # osg-system-profiler
  2. Submit a support inquiry to the system based on the VOs that you are associated with:

    If you are primarily associated with... Submit new tickets to...
    Anyone else [email protected]

Community-specific support

Some OSG VOs have dedicated forums or mechanisms for community-specific support. If your VO provides user support, that should be a user's first line of support because the VO is most familiar with your applications and requirements.

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