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OSG Virtual School Materials


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Intro to HTC and HTCondor Job Execution

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Bonus Exercises: Job Attributes and Handling

Intro to HTCondor Multiple Job Execution

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Troubleshooting Exercises:


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Software Exercises 2: Specific Software Examples (Pick Two)

Bonus Exercises: More With Containers


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Bonus Exercises: Shared File Systems

Showcase, Part 1

  • “Leveraging computer vision systems for monitoring animal health and productivity on dairy farms”, Ariana Negreiro, Animal & Dairy Sciences, UW–Madison (PDF)

  • “High throughput computing to study the functions of plant genes”, Edgar Spalding, Botany, UW–Madison (PDF)

Scaling Up

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Scaling Up Exercises

Extra Topics

Workflows with DAGMan

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Containers and GPUs

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Self-checkpointing for long-running jobs

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Showcase, Part 2

  • “Investigating the strong nuclear force with the OSG”, Connor Natzke, Physics, Colorado School of Mines (PDF)

  • “Simulating the spread of flying insects using HTC”, Matthew Garcia, Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW–Madison (PDF)


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