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Creating a Long-Term OSPool Project

To continue using your OSG Connect account after the school, you will need to request a long-term project. Please complete the following steps by September 9 to transition to a long-term project and access.

  1. Fill out the following information in an email:

    PI Name: (e.g. faculty advisor/sponsor, director, etc.)
    PI Email: 
    PI Department or Organization: 
    PI Institution: 
    Project Field of Science: (out of
    Brief description of the relevant research: (1-3 sentences, perhaps linking to a webpage)
  2. Email the above to [email protected], cc'ing the PI of your research group and requesting that the PI confirm your membership in their group. If you are the PI, that should be indicated in the email.

Once the project PI has confirmed your membership, OSG Facilitators will create a new project of the form Institution_PIName within 2 business days. You will receive a notification when you are added to the new project, and a follow up email from the OSG faciliation team with instructions for how to switch from the OSGUserSchool2022 project to your new project.