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OSG User School 2022 Assignment

The School focused on using high-throughput computing (HTC) to support and transform scientific inquiry. Your final assignment lets you show what you learned and how you might apply your new abilities. We ask for it to:

  • Reinforce and consolidate what you learned at the School
  • Prepare you to take real action on your large-scale computational challenge(s)
  • Demonstrate the value of the School to our funding agencies and to your advisor, colleagues, etc.
  • Guide us as we try to improve the School

Option 1: Lightning Talk on Last Day of School

If you did a lightning talk on Friday, July 29, it was your final assignment and you are done.

Option 2: Short Write-Up

For most people, the assignment is a short write-up. This is not a formal paper, report, essay, or anything like that. We will not publish your write-up — it is just between you and us.

Content guidelines

For the content, think of a written version of a lightning talk:

  1. Describe your science for a broad audience in about 1 paragraph (this is a good life skill!)
  2. Describe one computing challenge that you want to work on (maybe 1 paragraph to 1 page)
  3. Explain your plan to work on that challenge with the new things you learned at the School

For the last part, your audience is the School staff, so you do not have to re-explain concepts and methods that we explained here. Instead, write about how you will apply those things!

You are welcome to dive into details (like resource needs, etc.), but be sure to start with the high-level plan so we understand the context.

Format guidelines

  • Write at least a full page and no more than three pages of text (single-spaced)
  • Add images, tables, or figures if you like; they may cause your total page count to go over three pages
  • Do not take time to add citations, references, etc.
  • Email your write-up as a PDF (only!) to the list


The paper is due 16 September 2022. Contact us early if you need an extension.


If you have any questions or comments about the assignment, please contact us at the mailing list.