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OSG-SEC-2018-04-30 Multiple Singularity Vulnerabilities

Dear OSG Security Contacts,

Multiple vulnerabilities have been publicly reported concerning setuid-root installations of Singularity, including more than one way for a user outside of a container to escalate privileges. OSG security considers this a Critical vulnerability and the impact is high for our infrastructure. A new version is available in the osg-development yum repository and it is planned to be released to the osg yum repository in the morning on Tuesday, May 1.


Singularity versions 2.4.6 and earlier are impacted. Both EL6 and EL7 based systems are impacted. Installations using unprivileged singularity [1] on EL7 are not affected by these issues.


Unprivileged users who have access to run setuid-root singularity can:

  • create world writable files in root-owned directories on the host system
  • create folders outside of the container
  • bypass the “enable overlay = no” option in singularity.conf (EL7 only)
  • exploit buffer overflows

For more details see the singularity-2.5.0 release announcement [2]. Note especially that jobs running inside of singularity containers are not able to exploit these vulnerabilities.


IMMEDIATELY begin testing the latest singularity version with the following command:

  • yum update --enablerepo=osg-development singularity-runtime

Version 2.5.0-1.1.osg34 includes a pending pull request [3], and there is one more potential known issue at this time [4] but it is not known to affect OSG use cases.

Report any problems seen to [email protected] If no problems are seen with your use cases you may upgrade before the release to the osg yum repository.

  • - OSG singularity install documentation.


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Please contact the OSG security team at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

OSG Security Team