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Joining the Security-SIG Mailing List via listserv commands

Send an email to the listserv from your desired account

From the email address you wish to subscribe with, send an email to listserv at Use any subject line you wish and in the message body use only the phrase "SUB security-sig".

After a few moments the listserv will send a confirmation back to the sender, which you may click or follow the instructions on to confirm membership. A few moments later the final join confirmation should arrive.

Joining the Security-SIG Mailing List on FNAL List Serv

Creating an FNAL Mail Server Account via the Web

In order to join a mailing list hosted on FNAL you will need an account on From the site’s main page, click on LISTSERV Password - Create or Reset, then use your desired email address and a secure password to create an account and verify ownership of the email address by visiting the link contained in the confirmation email from FNAL.

Joining the Security-SIG List

Now that your account is created, log into via the Log In prompt in the upper right corner of the site’s main page. Log in using the credentials created above, then click on the Subscriber’s Corner link in the top left.

Search for the security-sig list, and ensure the dropdown box is set to “Show All Lists”, then click search. Check the selection box next to security-sig and then click the “Subscribe” option from the action dropdown menu below list name. Then click the “Submit” button.

Confirm Your Membership

You will receive another verification from the FNAL server, visit the link contained to confirm your enrollment in the security-sig list. For extra verification you may return to Subscriber’s Corner link and verify that security-sig shows up as a subscribed list.