Date Title Contents/Link Risk
2022-08-26 HIGH Linux systemd use-after-free vulnerability OSG-SEC-2022-08-26
2022-08-10 HIGH Linux rsyslog heap-based buffer overflow OSG-SEC-2022-08-10_2
2022-08-10 HIGH Linux kernel perf use-after-free flaw OSG-SEC-2022-08-10
2022-07-05 HIGH Use-after-free vulnerability in the Linux kernel Netfilter subsystem OSG-SEC-2022-07-05
2022-05-05 CRITICAL Vulnerability in Slurm authentication handling OSG-SEC-2022-05-05
2022-03-31 CRITICAL Expat XML parser arbitrary code execution vulnerability OSG-SEC-2022-03-31
2022-03-18 CRITICAL OOB memory access flaw in Linux kernel OSG-SEC-2022-03-18
2022-03-16 UPDATE on HIGH Severity DOS Vulnerability in OpenSSL OSG-SEC-2022-03-16_update
2022-03-16 HIGH Severity DOS Vulnerability in OpenSSL OSG-SEC-2022-03-16
2022-03-15 HTCondor Security Release 8.8.16, 9.0.10, and 9.6.0 OSG-SEC-2022-03-15
2022-03-09 CRITICAL “dirtypipe” vulnerability in Linux Kernel 5.8 and above OSG-SEC-2022-03-09
2022-02-17 CRITICAL ALERT ACTION REQUIRED xcache image purge notification OSG-SEC-2022-02-17
2022-01-26 CRITICAL local privilege escalation in polkit's pkexec OSG-SEC-2022-01-26
2022-01-25 CRITICAL heap buffer overflow vulnerability in Linux kernel for RHEL 8 and derivatives OSG-SEC-2022-01-25
2022-01-05 Additional UPDATE on Log4J Vulnerability OSG-SEC-2022-01-05
2021-12-17 UPDATE on Log4J Vulnerability OSG-SEC-2021-12-17
2021-12-16 Vulnerability in golang/Singularity OSG-SEC-2021-12-16
2021-12-13 CRITICAL Vulnerability in Java Library Log4j OSG-SEC-2021-12-13
2021-12-02 RCE Vulnerability in NSS OSG-SEC-2021-12-02
2021-11-04 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in dCache OSG-SEC-2021-11-04
2021-11-03 HIGH severity vulnerability in Apache HTTP mod_proxy OSG-SEC-2021-11-03
2021-09-10 Vulnerability in Linux Kernel Traffic Control Subsystem OSG-SEC-2021-09-10
2021-08-25 Vulnerabilities in JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook OSG-SEC-2021-08-25
2021-05-27 Vulnerabilities in HTCondor OSG-SEC-2021-07-27
2021-07-22 Vulnerability in Linux kernel OSG-SEC-2021-07-22
2021-05-27 Vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2021-05-27
2021-05-18 Vulnerability in SLURM CVE-2021-31215 OSG-SEC-2021-05-18
2021-05-11 Vulnerabilities in Squid OSG-SEC-2021-05-11
2021-03-17 Vulnerabilities in iSCSI OSG-SEC-2021-03-17
2021-01-28 vulnerabilities in HTCondor OSG-SEC-2021-01-28
2021-01-27 heap-based buffer overflow in sudo OSG-SEC-2021-01-27
2020-10-26 CVE-2020-14386 Memory corruption in kernel on EL8 UPDATE OSG-SEC-2020-10-26
2020-09-22 CVE-2020-14386 Memory corruption in kernel on EL8 OSG-SEC-2020-09-22
2020-08-31 Vulnerabilities in frontier-squid OSG-SEC-2020-08-31
2020-05-05 Singularity and unprivileged user namespaces OSG-SEC-2020-05-05
2020-03-26 Vulnerability in xrootd-scitokens Plugin OSG-SEC-2020-03-26
2020-02-07 Vulnerabilities in Frontier Squid OSG-SEC-2020-02-07
2019-11-15 Vulnerability in Squid UPDATE 2 OSG-SEC-2019-11-15
2019-11-11 Vulnerability in Squid UPDATE OSG-SEC-2019-11-11
2019-11-08 Vulnerability in Squid OSG-SEC-2019-11-08
2019-07-25 Vulnerability in Squid OSG-SEC-2019-07-25
2019-07-03 Critical vulnerability in Singularity Update 2 OSG-SEC-2018-12-12 UPDATE 2
2019-05-14 Vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2019-05-14
2018-12-12 Critical vulnerability in Singularity Update OSG-SEC-2018-12-12 UPDATE
2018-12-12 Critical vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-12-12
2018-10-18 Vulnerability in Linux kernel's create_elf_tables() function OSG-SEC-2018-10-18 UPDATE
2018-10-04 Vulnerability in RedHat Ceph Storage OSG-SEC-2018-10-04
2018-10-02 Vulnerability in Linux kernel's create_elf_tables() function OSG-SEC-2018-10-02
2018-09-20 Vulnerability in AFS OSG-SEC-2018-09-20
2018-09-06 Vulnerability in Apache Struts OSG-SEC-2018-09-06
2018-08-07 Data channel encryption not guaranteed OSG-SEC-2018-08-07
2018-07-05 Vulnerabilities in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-07-05
2018-07-03 BLAHP vulnerability OSG-SEC-2018-07-03
2018-05-23 CILogon OSG CA service retirement OSG-SEC-2018-05-23
2018-05-18 Multiple EL7 Linux kernel vulnerabilities OSG-SEC-2018-05-18
2018-05-07 Unprivileged user namespaces in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-05-07
2018-04-30 Multiple vulnerabilities in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-04-30
2018-04-25 Including Let's Encrypt CA in the OSG CA bundle OSG-SEC-2018-04-25
2018-04-19 Critical vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-04-19 UPDATE
2018-04-17 Vulnerability in MariaDB MySQL OSG-SEC-2018-04-17
2018-04-02 Critical vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-04-02
2018-03-27 Vulnerability in SLURM OSG-SEC-2018-03-27
2018-03-13 SAML Vulnerabilities affecting multiple implementations OSG-SEC-2018-03-13
2018-03-08 Limiting Singularity image types OSG-SEC-2018-03-08
2018-03-05 Vulnerability in Singularity OSG-SEC-2018-03-05
2018-02-28 Disable weak ciphers in SSL OSG-SEC-2018-02-28