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OSG Certificate Service


OSG CA stopped issuing certificates on May 31st, 2018. After this date, new certificates from the CILogon OSG CA cannot be requested and therefore will no longer be issued. All certificates issued by CILogon OSG CA will continue to work until their expiration dates. The CILogon OSG CA will remain in the IGTF distribution until July 2019.

OSG collaborated with XSEDE team to create a new CA service, CILogon OSG CA. Combined with OSG Registration Authority and the OSG Information Management System, the CILogon OSG CA will provide the essential certificate services to the OSG community, including the personal and host/service certificates.

OSG Information Security Officer’s position paper on the Let’s Encrypt CA for Host Certificate Signing

The CILogon OSG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The CILogon OSG CA Certificate Policy (CP) and Certification Practice Statement (CPS)


Version 2

Version 3

Certificate Subscriber Agreement

Certificate Subscriber Agreement

OSG CILogon CA Essential Information

Certificate Policy OID
Self-signed CA Certificate PEM format cilogon-osg.pem
Self-signed CA Certificate DER format cilogon-osg.crt
Self-signed CA Certificate Human Readable CILogon OSG CA
Signing Policy File cilogon-osg.signing_policy
CRL URL File cilogon-osg.crl_url
CRL File in PEM Format cilogon-osg.r0
CRL File DER Format cilogon-osg.crl
Sample personal certificate in PEM format user-sample.pem
Sample personal certificate Human Readable User Sample Human Readable
Sample host certificate in PEM format host-sample.pem
Sample host certificate in Human Readable Host Sample HumanReadable
OpenSSL 1.0 hash value 70d35895
SHA-1 Fingerprint 5C:5C:24:5C:2F:05:24:EC:24:45:8D:5B:D8:F2:82:9B:EE:68:22:A8

OSG Contact Information

The CP/CPS is managed by OSG Security Officer and can be reached at:

Susan E. Sons
OSG Security Officer
2719 E. 10th Street, Suite 231
Bloomington, IN 47408
Office: 812-856-2949
Fax: 812-856-7400

osg-security-team AT
sesons AT