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OSG Area Coordinators

As part of the overall OSG management structure, the OSG Area Coordinators are leads of OSG functional areas and perform detailed planning and tracking.


The current Area Coordinators are:

OSG Area Area Coordinator
Collaboration Support Pascal Paschos, University of Chicago
Global Infrastructure Lab Igor Sfiligoi, University of California San Diego
HTCondor Software Suite Todd Tannenbaum, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Network Monitoring Shawn McKee, University of Michigan
Operations Jeff Dost, University of California San Diego
Production Support Ken Herner, Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Research Facilitation Christina Koch, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Security Josh Drake, Indiana University
Software and Release Brian Lin and Tim Theisen, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Technology Investigations Brian Bockelman, Morgridge Institute for Research


There is no longer an OSG Area Coordinators meeting per se. Instead, the Area Coordinators present at the weekly OSG-PATh Staff Meeting.