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OSG General Management Policies

This page contains general OSG policies that apply across the project, mostly intended for internal use.

Staff Departures

When an OSG staff member departs the project:

  • The site PI for that staff member must inform the Executive Director and the Chief of Staff with the name of the person and their last day on the staff, ideally with a bit of warning (like a week).

  • The Chief of Staff (or Executive Director as necessary) will announce the departure to all Area Coordinators by email, again ideally with a bit of warning.

  • Each Area Coordinator will have a documented procedure for handling the staff departure within their area, including removal or lowering of privileges, updating documents, etc. The Chief of Staff and the Security Officier will review the procedure documents at times, so they should be kept up-to-date.

  • Once notified, each Area Coordinator is responsible for their area completing the procedure within one business week of the departure date. If circumstances prevent the work from being completed within that time, the Area Coordinator will discuss with the Chief of Staff and Executive Director the reasons for the delay, risks associated with leaving privileges (and so forth) intact for longer, and a planned completion date.

Handling Security Recommendations

When the OSG Security team issues recommendations, for example as part of a final report on an OSG security incident or exercise:

  1. The Security team submits the recommendations (or containing report) to the OSG Executive Team.

  2. The OSG Deputy Executive Director annotates each recommendation to indicate:

    • If OSG has implemented the recommendation already, and if so, how;

    • If the recommendation has not yet been implemented, a rough estimate of effort required to implement it broken down by OSG area; and

    • Any additional thoughts and feedback gathered from the Area Coordinators

  3. The Deputy forwards the annotated recommendations document to the appropriate project offices (e.g., PATh, IRIS-HEP) to schedule a discussion at the next relevant project meeting to decide how to move forward.

  4. Once the project team(s) discuss the document, the OSG Executive Director informs the OSG Executive Team and OSG Area Coordinators of what actions, if any, will be taken on each recommendation.