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OSG Collaboration Support


The mission of OSG Collaboration Support is to help Midsize Collaborations leverage the OSG Consortium services and technologies for their research. A list of services can be found here. Among them, is provisioning access to an OSG-managed Collab Access Point as a single point of submission of dHTC jobs to the Open Science Pool (OSPool). Users from different institutions can join a collaboration specific project. This simplifies access to compute and storage resources as users are not bound by institutional barriers - such as the need for insitutional based identies. For example Institutions A and B need to work on a project. It is not easy for students/postdocs from Institution A to obtain an identity that will allow them to collaborate with their collegues at the Institution B. On the Collab AP, PIs can create a single project with users from both institutions. This allows for a collaborative environment where the research team can launch jobs to the OSPool, levereage multi-TB ephemeral storage and even run computational workflows - like post-processing or mereging jobs on the access point (the login node).

Obtain accounts on OSG's Collab Access Point.

A PI can visit the accounting portal ( sign-up using CI Logon credentials, create a project and add users. A consultation with someone from Collaboration Support is required. A walk through through the process is linked here.



A new Collab AP host, is being deployed which will replace the existing one, Users and projects will     be from will be moved to the new one. Users will be in general responsible for migrating their data and make any necessary     corrections to their workflows. Collaboration Support staff will be there to assist. A transition plan is currently being compiled and will be shared       here. Staff will reach out to individual users and project managers to arrange for a timeline that meets the collaboration's needs.

Collaboration Institutions and Compute Sites

Regular Meeting schedule

Collaboration support holds and participates in meetings during the week to assist and coordinate on projects. A list of the weekly meeting schedule is maintained here

List of supported collaboratoins

Collaboration list

Contact Us

Open a Ticket by sending an email to [email protected] and request support for your collaboration project.