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OSG All-Hands Meeting 2021 – Logistics


We will use Zoom for the OSG All-Hands Meeting this year. For security reasons, we will email links to the Zoom meetings directly to the email addresses provided during registration. Please do not post the links publicly! If someone you know needs the link, encourage them to register first; we will resend the links every morning during the meeting.

During presentations, Zoom will be configured to prevent participants from unmuting themselves and from sharing their screens. During question time after each presentation, the session moderator or other staff can unmute you so that you can ask a question. Be sure to click the raise-hand icon if you want to comment or ask a question after a talk. And during breaks and discussion times, participants will be able to unmute themselves; but as you probably know by now, it is best to stay muted except when speaking.

Also, the chat feature is enabled and you are welcome to put comments and questions there. We will have someone watching for questions in the Everyone chat.

Code of Conduct

We want all participants to be able to enjoy the meeting equally, so we expect everyone to follow the APS Code of Conduct.

Information for Presenters

First, read the information above! It applies to everyone. Also, please register for the meeting, even if you are attending just for your session.

Of course, you are invited to attend the whole session (and more!), but at very least please try to arrive and be ready 10–15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

In Zoom, we will make you a Co-Host, which means that you will have the ability to unmute yourself and share your screen. Your session moderator will let you know when it is time to do so.

There are MANY websites, videos, and so forth on how to give presentations online, so we will not repeat those here. Do remember to turn off device notifications and sounds that might occur during your talk, and when it is your turn, try to share just the window that shows your presentation.

Once you are presenting, it is difficult for the moderator to keep you informed of timing without interrupting your presentation. So, please plan to time your own talk, perhaps on a separate device, and stick to your time. Be sure to leave a few (3–5) minutes at the end of your time for questions and transition.