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OSGVS21 Staff

Tim C. photo

Tim Cartwright

Tim founded the OSG School in 2010 and has led it since. When not involved in training, he mostly works for OSG in management, where he helps the project as a whole in a variety of capacities. Tim started working with OSG in 2005, and has background in cognitive science, linguistics, training, and software.

Lauren M. photo

Lauren Michael

Lauren serves as co-Director of the OSG School program. She leads the Research Computing Facilitation teams for the OSG and at UW-Madison, where she has worked since 2013, and leverages research background in Biophysics and Life Sciences Communication.

Christina K. photo

Christina Koch

Christina is a Research Computing Facilitator at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where she helps researchers transition their big computational problems to large-scale computing resources. She facilitates use of both local resources at UW–Madison and access to the national Open Science Grid.

Derek W. photo

Derek Weitzel

Derek is a research assistant professor at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He is a member of the OSG Technology and Operations teams and has worked with the OSG since graduate school in 2009.

Emelie F. photo

Emelie Fuchs

Emelie is an HPC Applications Specialist and OSG Research Facilitator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Holland Computing Center.

Ian R. photo

Ian Ross

Ian works as a developer in the Center for High Throughput Computing, coupling high-throughput workflows with systems to enable text data-mining across millions of scientific documents. He has worked in the group since 2014, after completing his Ph.D. in high energy particle physics.

Janet S. photo

Janet Stathas

Janet is a Project Manager at the Morgridge Institute for Research and works primarily on the Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh) project. For the School she provides administrative and event planning support to the rest of the team.

Jason P. photo

Jason Patton

Jason is a Software Integration Scientist for the CHTC. He assists researchers and system administrators to get their applications working with the HTCondor software. He has worked for the CHTC at the University of Wisconsin–Madison since 2016.

Mat R. photo

Mat Rynge

Mats is a senior computer scientist in the Scitech group. He is currently working on infrastructure and support for the Open Science Grid, as an Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS) consultant for XSEDE, and on cyberinfrastructure for NSF Large Facilities. Recent accomplishments include the Pegasus 5.0 release and a best technical paper award at the PEARC19 conference.

Ryan T. photo

Ryan Tanaka

Ryan is a research programmer in the Science Automation Technologies group at the USC Information Sciences Institute. He currently works on developing the Pegasus Workflow Management System.